Miss – Entrepreneur Hanh Le is known as the CEO of VCAL TV, CEO of OC Capital Homes and a member of WLIN Passion USA+ in America. Recently, she excellently received the “Top 100 Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leader 2022″ Award.

The bravery to start up in two different fields

Currently, Miss – Entrepreneur Hanh Le has been living in the US for nearly 30 years. All the hard days in a foreign country brings her the strength to establish the OC Capital Homes Company specializes in real estate and VCAL TV television system. 

“In the process of building and developing my career, no matter which field it is, I always research about my strengths to compete with other enterprises. For instance, VCAL TV’s strength is to produce many fascinating specialties, attracting the TV viewers community and the radio audience of the station. OC Capital Homes’s strength is that it offers many support services to buy and sell real estate in the United States, representing banks to transact on mortgages and real estate sales with low costs and interest rates.”

<em>Miss Entrepreneur Hanh Le at the Honor Ceremony of Top 100 Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leader 2022<em>

However, for the two businesses to operate stably as today, the female entrepreneur had to face many difficulties and challenges. “Because I am a Vietnamese who immigrated to the United States, the initial difficulty that I encountered was in terms of language. The second difficulty is finding the right source of capital and banking system for OC Capital Homes to initially go into operation.”

“Love the job and put all of your heart into the work are two important factors to gain the trust of customers, the key to success.” – Miss – Entrepreneur Hanh Le shared.

<em>My dream is to bring high quality Vietnamese products to all five continents Miss Entrepreneur Hanh Le<em>

Currently, two businesses run by Miss – Entrepreneur Hanh Le become two of many businesses that have maintained stable development before the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Along with that, with the spirit of always looking back to her homeland, she always tries to connect and bring high-quality products of Vietnamese people to communities across five continents, especially in the United States.

Honored to receive the award of Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leader 2022

Miss – Entrepreneur Hanh Le is currently a member of WLIN PASSION USA+ under the WLIN InterContinental.“WLIN Global is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect, exchange life and work experiences, and enhance their core values.” – Sharing about WLIN Global Women Leaders network, she stated.

<em>WLIN Global is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect and enhance their core values Miss Entrepreneur Hanh Le<em>

On the night of honoring the Award of Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022, female leader Hanh Le went on stage in the lineup of WLIN Passion USA+ Club of WLIN InterContinental and participated in a fashion show with club members on the background of the WLIN Soul song.

With bravery in business and the spirit of solidarity as well as fully supporting the community, on October 28, 2022, Miss – Entrepreneur Hanh Le was named for the Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022. This is a prestigious award to honor Vietnamese female leaders operating in different fields around the globe.

Once again, congratulations to Miss – Entrepreneur Hanh Le for excellently winning the Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022. Hopefully, the award will give her the motivation to achieve more success. more in the future.

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