Amazon, headed by super-rich Bezos, has become a brother in the global retail industry. According to the latest announcement of Forbes, Walmart is the highest-ranked retailer in the ranking of the world’s top 2,000 companies, reflecting the income, profit, assets and market capitalization, reflecting the new economy outperforming the old economy.

In this ranking, Amazon’s sales revenue last year was 232.9 billion yuan (US$ ‧ the same), the profit was 10.1 billion yuan, the total assets were 162.6 billion yuan, and the market value reached 916.1 billion yuan. The conditions have motivated the company to rank 28th and rank among the highest in the retail industry.

In other e-commerce, Alibaba, which just announced its annual results as of March this year, ranked 59th, and its peer Jingdong ranked 613. Alibaba’s revenue increased 51% last year to 378.744 billion yuan, and has set a target of 500 billion yuan in the fiscal year ending March next year.

Wal-Mart earns 2 times Amazon

As for Wal-Mart, which dominates the US retail industry for many years, it ranks 29th in this ranking. When it comes to sales revenue, Wal-Mart wins over Amazon, reaching 511.4 billion yuan, which is 121% more than the other party. The asset size is 35% more than the other party to 219.3 billion yuan. However, the profit and market value are not as good as the other side, the profit is 6.7 billion yuan, which is 67% of Amazon’s, and the market value is 32.3% of the other party.

JC Penney and Sears, who have been widely known by investors and consumers in the past, are in the top 100 in this ranking. Sears ranked 1,913, down 166 points year-on-year. The company’s sales were 13.2 billion yuan, with a loss of 1.7 billion yuan and a total asset value of 6.7 billion yuan. What is the market value? Only the district is 79 million yuan.

JC Penney, ranked 1999, also saw a red profit of 225 million yuan and sales of 12 billion yuan. However, assets and market capitalization were 7.9 billion yuan and 402 million yuan respectively.

From the rankings and performance data, it can reflect the dilemma of the main business engaged in physical retailing, so companies engaged in upstream supplier business will inevitably face pressure.

Victoria Secret parent company ranked 1311

In addition, L Brands, the parent company of the women’s underwear brand Victoria Secret, ranks 1,311. Virginie International (2199), which is listed in Hong Kong, is one of the suppliers of Victoia Secret.

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