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[Australian election] Prime Minister Morrison: I hope to re-enter the work as soon as possible

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The elections held on Saturday (18th) in Australia are close to the end of the election. The alliance between the Liberal Party and the National Party led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison has succeeded in retaining most of the seats in the National Assembly and can be re-elected for six years. He said on Sunday (19th) that he hopes to welcome the work as soon as possible and continue to serve the nationals.

Morrison and his wife went to church to worship on Sunday, then watched the Australian football match and cheered for the love team Cronulla Sharks. He told the media that he would like to thank the people of Australia for their support and grateful to be able to live in the greatest country in the world.

For the upcoming challenge of the new term, Morrison said he expects to return to work as soon as possible, that there are many things to deal with and to serve the Australian people who are struggling and testing every day.

Morrison and other cabinet members will return to the capital, Canberra, on Monday (20th) to start a new job.

As for the Labour Party, which lost in the election campaign, after the announcement of the party leader Bill Shorten, who took over the vacancy became the focus of attention. Among them, Anthony Albanese, who had served as the leader of the House of Representatives, has indicated that he is expected to Deputy leader Tanya Plibersek competed.

To become the party leader of the Labor Party, candidates need to support the party meetings and members to vote, accounting for 50%.

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