Joe Biden

Former US Vice President Joe Biden, who announced his candidacy for the 2020 US presidential election, called for national unity in his first major campaign on Saturday (18th).

He also pointed out directly in his speech: “Our president is a divide-in-chief.” It seems that he has taken a look at the 2020 primary election, entering the frequent and direct attack on the current President Trump ( The status of Donald Trump).

Pennsylvania is the birthplace of Biden and the location of his campaign headquarters. His speech centered on solidarity and consensus, in response to voices from outside, pointing out that his desire to cross the party line is naive, and that he believes that Republicans will “explore” after Trump leaves. The idea will not be true.

He said to thousands of people on the scene: “We have observed him for 3 years. Let us see what he is doing. (To the United States) Instill fear. I am not joking, he is instilling fear, planting for differentiation, inciting racial differentiation. He said that the Trump administration is “a threat to this country and a threat to our democracy.”

He said: “If the American people want a president who makes us more differentiated, with clenched fists and closed hearts, demonizing opponents and spitting hatred – they don’t need me. They already have one to do it. The president. My election is to provide a different path to our country – Democrats, Republicans, and independents.”

Biden’s remarks show his mutual criticism and upgrade with Trump. This is also one of the many Democratic candidates who have announced their participation in the 2020 general election, the most aggressive and direct criticism of Trump’s differentiation and racist speech.

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