Amazon, the global leader in e-commerce, has aggressively entered other fields such as streaming movies and televisions in recent years and intends to compete with Apple and Google’s parent company, Alphabet. The company recently led a new round of financing of Deliveroo’s total value of 575 million US dollars (about 4.5 billion Hong Kong dollars) to enter the food and beverage market.

Has raised more than 12 billion yuan

Deliveroo said that it has completed the G round of financing, led by Amazon, and the existing investors such as the Pux Group, Fidelity and other investors, so that the company’s total financing amount rose to 1.53 billion US dollars (about 12 billion Hong Kong dollars), the financing proceeds will be used Expanded the technical team at the UK headquarters and used it as a foreign expansion to attract new customers.

Will Shu, the founder, and CEO of the household said: “This new investment will help the households to increase their business and bring more food choices to meet the tastes of different people. This new investment It can bring more development opportunities to cooperative restaurants, help them expand their business, and create more high-paying and flexible jobs.”

Doug Gurr, general manager of Amazon UK, said: “We appreciate the choice of households to provide more quality restaurants for customers. Xu Zixiang and his team have built an innovative technology and service. I look forward to seeing their next development.”

Deliveroo was founded in 2013. Last year, foreign media reported that its competitor Uber once intended to make an acquisition to dominate the food and beverage market, but ultimately fell because of the excessive disagreement between the two companies.

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