In recent years, Microsoft has concentrated on the development of emerging businesses such as the cloud and announced with Sony that the two sides have become strategic partners in various aspects such as cloud games.

Cloud game means that the player does not have to download the game software but connects to the cloud system through the network to save the storage problem caused by downloading the game, but at the same time requires a certain network speed. Google also has developed cloud gaming technology.

In addition to games, Sony also plans to use Microsoft’s cloud technology to develop streaming media services and will cooperate to develop image sensors.

There are still no specific details of the cooperation, but two companies with Xbox and PlayStation respectively have announced that they will cooperate in cloud games and will provide new development tools for game developers.

PS4 has been launched for five years, and analysts expect Sony to launch a new generation of PlayStation in 2020, but Sony’s profits will decline before this.

As for Microsoft, the cooperation will help develop the Azure cloud business.

Develop AI image sensor materials to expand more uses

In addition, the two companies will collaborate to develop new image sensors that can be used in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Currently, AI lenses are already in use on the production line to help identify defective products.

Microsoft has recently focused on corporate customers, while Sony has a large number of consumer products. I believe that cooperation between the two may promote AI in all aspects.

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