theresa may

The British Prime Minister Theresa May wrote in the Sunday Times that she will submit a “bold” new Brexit agreement to Congress, which includes a basket of improvements.

Wen Cuishan wrote that “no matter what the outcome of any indicative vote, I will not ask the members of Congress to rethink, but ask members of Congress to take a fresh look at the new improvement plan and support it.”

According to the report, Wen Cuishan will consult the cabinet on the content of the new plan to seek cross-party support. The Cabinet will also consider a series of indicative voting plans to determine what options will be supported by the majority of Members in Congress.

The British government said on Tuesday (14th) that Wen Cuishan plans to hand over the draft of the Brexit agreement to the Congress in early June. She confirmed on Thursday (16th) that she will announce the date of the abdication in June, regardless of whether her draft of the Brexit agreement can pass through Congress.

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