The China-US trade war has warmed up. The United States has two plans this week to completely block Huawei. The first move is to start from the supply, blacklisting Huawei and 68 affiliated companies, and prohibiting US companies from supplying technology and parts to these companies. The second measure is to start with demand. US President Trump signs an executive order to declare the country to enter a “national state of emergency”, prohibiting US companies from using equipment manufactured by telecommunications equipment vendors that pose a security risk to the country, although no mention is made of Specific company or country name, but the outside world is generally believed to be against Huawei.

The United States suddenly believes that there are two major reasons for this. First of all, because the last round of negotiations between China and the United States has not yielded results, the two sides have returned to the customs war situation. There is a great chance to wait until the end of June at the G20 summit in Japan, and Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet to hope for further resolution. During this period, in addition to announcing the increase of tariffs on goods in China, Trump put pressure on China by blocking Huawei.

In addition to the trade war factor, the United States is also really afraid of Huawei. Huawei is one of the most innovative companies in China. 5G technology leads the world, and smartphone sales have also become a global leader this year. The United States is convinced that Huawei is under the control of the central government and naturally fears that Huawei in the “sensitive” telecommunications industry will pose a threat to US national security.

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