UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri analyzed and reported on China’s iPhone demand, which reported a significant improvement in iPhone sales in China last month. 

The report pointed out that although the iPhone sales in China fell by 3% in April, it was a significant improvement compared with the previous months. According to data from the bank, iPhone sales fell by an average of 66% between December last year and March this year.

Mainland mobile phone shipments in December reversed the decline

iPhone sales performance in China has improved, and Arcuri believes it is related to China’s overall market performance. The overall smartphone sales in the Chinese market have declined in nine months in the past 10 months, but in 6% in April.

According to the China Information and Communication Research Institute, the total shipments of mobile phones in the mainland in April reached 36.53 million units, up 6.7% year-on-year, reversing the five consecutive months of decline. As trade negotiations between the United States and China have not yielded results and tensions have intensified again, Arcuri is likely to affect the confidence of Chinese consumers and thus the future sales of the iPhone in China. 

UBS said that China currently accounts for one-tenth of Apple’s revenue, but Morgan Stanley believes that so far, Apple’s 25 billion goods exported from China to the United States have been affected by tariffs.

In addition, it is reported that Taiwanese chip maker TSMC has begun to launch a new generation of chips called A13 for Apple’s new iPhone launched this year.

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