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[British Brexit] Wen Cuishan intends to submit a new Brexit draft but is accused of retaining the disputed project

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British Prime Minister Wen Cuishan published an article on Sunday Thames on Sunday, revealing new proposals and seeking Congress to support the draft Brexit agreement. However, the latest report refers to Wen Cuishan’s new plan, which will retain the most controversial Northern Ireland “Bottom Solution”.

Wen Cuishan wrote an article on the Sunday Thames that she will present a “new, bold” plan for the draft of the Brexit agreement to be passed in Congress. However, the “Daily Telegraph” later pointed out that the Northern Ireland “Bottom-fixing Scheme” would still be retained in the new scheme, and there was no new intention in the customs arrangement.

In the past, Wen Cuishan failed to succeed in the third trip to the Brexit agreement. One reason is that the Brexit believes that the Northern Ireland bottom-up plan will make the UK still subject to the EU after the Brexit. Wen Cuishan had previously consulted with the largest opposition labor party to seek support but ended in failure.

In order to avoid the re-construction of border inspection between Ireland and Northern Ireland after the Brexit, both the UK and Europe agreed to have a “bottom plan”. The plan proposes to temporarily leave Northern Ireland in the EU single market and the customs union before failing to resolve the border issue.

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