US media reported that bank staff found in 2016 and 2017 that US President Donald Trump and Jared Kushner related companies involved illegal financial activities, prepared so-called “suspicious activity reports”, and suggested US Treasury report.

Trump denied the matter on Twitter, saying that he is a businessman who doesn’t need a bank. Although he has a lot of cash on hand, the money is not from Russia.

The US “New York Times” quoted five current or former staff members of Deutsche Bank AG on Sunday (19th): they had borrowed billions of dollars from Deutsche Bank in a related company. But the company refused their request to inform the Ministry of Finance. The companies involved include Trump’s foundations that no longer exist. Their activities trigger the system that the computer uses to detect illegal activity.

The newspaper quoted the report of the staff of the bank, saying that the senior officials handled the money laundering law in an inertial manner to protect its relationship with the big customers.

The Deutsche Bank spokesperson responded that the investigators were not obstructed in escalating the incidents regarding potentially suspicious activities. She also pointed out that banks have been working harder to crack down on financial crimes. A spokesperson for the Trump Group told Reuters that the report was complete nonsense. She said: “We don’t know any Deutsche Bank’s deal. In fact, we don’t have an operating account at Deutsche Bank.”

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