The Nepalese media “The Himalayan Times” reported that the country’s central bank announced a ban on the use of credit payment and Alipay locally, pointing out that Chinese tourists illegally use the relevant payment applications, and led to the loss of income overseas income.

The report pointed out that most Chinese travelers to Nepal use WeChat Pay and Alipay, and Chinese citizens who operate hotels, restaurants and other businesses in the country often use the payment procedures.

When Chinese tourists set up shops in Nepal in China, they will go through China’s payment program. Since the relevant e-wallets are not registered locally, the transaction takes place in Nepal and the payment is made in China.

It is impossible for Nepal to register the consumption of Chinese tourists as overseas income, and the transaction amount has passed through the Nepalese bank pipeline, which has enabled Chinese businessmen to earn income without paying taxes, and the Nepalese authorities cannot prove that the transaction occurred locally.

For Nepal to ban the use of WeChat on the local, WeChat pointed out that in the case of overseas illegal collections, credit payment has been severely cracked down by technical means.

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