austrian cabinet

The Austrian Deputy Prime Minister Heinz-Christian Strache was triggered by the scandal of the “Russian-Russian” scandal that triggered the government’s instigation. The Freedom Party (FPO) cabinet members resigned collectively, and the opposition Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz intends to remove Herbert Kickl, the interior minister of the Liberal Party. Kurts himself may also face a no-confidence motion.

German media publicly sneak shots on Friday (17th)It shows that Deputy Prime Minister Stellah promised to an investor who claimed to be a Russian corporate tycoon in Ibiza, giving the Austrian government a contract in exchange for the support of his far-right Liberal Party. Stellah Day (18th) announced his resignation.

Kurtz, the prime minister of the Austrian People’s Party, believes that Kirk, the then secretary of the Liberal Party, is responsible and seeks to remove him. The incident triggered the dissatisfaction of the Liberal Party, and all the party’s ministers announced their resignation on Monday (20th). Kurtz later dissolved the ruling coalition and announced the early election, approved by President Van der Bellen (Alexander Van der Bellen).

Reuters reported that a small opposition party in Austria said it would launch a no-confidence motion against Kurtz. The report quoted Austrian media Oe24 as saying that Kirk said that the Liberal Party would not raise a motion of no confidence, but if other parties proposed it, they would cast a support vote and withdraw from the ruling coalition.

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