At a time when Sino-US trade disputes are in full swing, the “polio of the abortion, which is extremely serious in the United States”, is also raging.

The Republican-controlled Missouri State Legislature passed the “Anti-abortion Act” on Friday (17th) to ban any abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy, even “pregnancy” The case was not exempted and became the eighth state in the United States to pass a similar bill this year.

Missouri, which is larger than Guangdong Province, now has an abortion clinic. Why are Republicans so eager to pass such a hot anti-abortion bill?

The sacredness of life is a question of vote

Among the readers, some people may have experience living in the United States. Talk to the locals and talk about abortion. If you talk about abortion, sometimes you will have a sense of being in a completely different world.

In our society, abortion is almost a complete medical issue; in the United States, abortion is a major controversy about “sacredness of life” regardless of position.

Even among people who are open to abortion (called “Pro-choice”), the starting point is that abortion itself is problematic. Therefore, in all possible situations, it is necessary to support abortion. Given the reasons (such as the empty concept of equality between men and women, even the extremely complicated philosophical distinction), there is no reason to oppose abortion.

Among the tough conservatives, any abortion is almost equal to murder. Therefore, many abortion clinics have long been stationed in anti-abortion demonstrations (or “Pro-life”). When paralyzed patients or doctors go in and out of the clinic, they roar that they are “murderers” and block cars. Ask them if they want to kill again today and so on. Some people take a gentle offensive and talk to people very friendly outside the clinic. After talking to you for a big round, they will enter the topic, or justify it, or appeal to it, not hesitate to work on time, just to save one. Small life.

More importantly, in the democratic United States, these conservatives have a vote for everyone. If a politician can push legislation to ban abortion, it will be a key factor in determining the voting orientation of these people.

Anti-falling births cause or Trump?

The biggest challenge to ban abortion is the case of the US Supreme Court in 1973, Roe v Wade, acknowledging the Constitution’s guarantee of women’s abortion rights. To overthrow the “Luo v. Wade case” is the “Holy Grail” of anti-abortion people, and under Trump’s administration, the coming of this holy grail is getting closer and closer.

More than two years after Trump took office, he has successfully appointed two staunch conservative judges to turn the Supreme Court’s conservative and liberal ratios to 5 to 4. If there are cases that can rethink the “Luo v. Wade case”, or can overturn the precedent of the judgment, open the door to the legislation prohibiting abortion in the conservative states – currently, there are 18 states that have laws In the hand, when the “Luo v. Wade case” was rejected, it can be implemented immediately.

Before Trump came to power, the Supreme Court still had a conservative “swing ticket” by Anthony Kennedy, and Kennedy was again in the 1992 Planned Parenthood v Casey. Extend the judgment case of “Luo v. Wade”. Therefore, conservatives must not act rashly.

However, the “Family Planning Cases” case also relaxed the requirements of the states for regulating abortion. They only required the relevant regulations not to “undue burden” the pregnant women. Therefore, the states that the Republican Party is in charge have begun to sneak through the legal loopholes to restrict abortion. For example, the corridor width of abortion clinics, the prescription of abortion doctors to have hospitalization priority in neighboring hospitals, etc., make it difficult for abortion clinics in many conservative states to operate. .

For example, Missouri has five abortion clinics in 2008, and today there is only one. Some residents in the state are almost 650 kilometers away from the clinic, and it is hard to know the abortion.

Since Kennedy retired last year, Trump has personally changed to conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The politicians of these Republican states should cooperate with each other and seize the opportunity. They deliberately passed laws that violated the “Luo v. Wade case” and hoped to provoke legal proceedings and eventually the Supreme Court. Overturn the opportunity of the previous ruling.

The constitutional basis for the protection of abortion rights is weak

According to the “Family Prosecution Case” case, women have a constitutional guarantee of abortion rights in less than 23 or 24 weeks of pregnancy, so whether it is the eight-week ban in Missouri, Alabama ( Alabama’s six-week ban, or the so-called “Heartbeat Bill” in other conservative states, which usually occurs six weeks after pregnancy, is also a clear violation of the Supreme Court’s decision.

However, if the protection of women’s right to abortion is well-founded in the Constitution, even if the conservative judge wants to speak out for anti-abortion people, it is difficult to misinterpret the Constitution and overthrow the “Ross v. Wade case”.

The problem is that the judgment of the “Luo v. Wade case” is objectively weak in constitutional terms.

First, the constitutional justification for the right to abortion is actually out of women’s “Right to Privacy”: The “Ruo v. Wade case” judgment states that forcing women to give birth and raising a child she does not want will be for her. It causes physical and mental health effects and thus violates women’s right to privacy.

This statement itself is very suspicious. More seriously, however, the US Constitution does not have a clear right to privacy. According to a ruling by the Supreme Court in 1965, privacy protection can only be found in the penumbra and emanation of other provisions of the US Constitution.

These near-theological terms reflect that abortion rights are not a constitutional issue at all, but a moral issue. The judges of the Supreme Court, when conducting the relevant judgments, basically only proceeded from their own moral intuition, and finally turned the constitution over and over, and solved a so-called legal basis to justify their judgment.

It can be seen that today’s five conservatives are likely to overthrow the “Luo v. Wade case” against the four liberal Supreme Courts, or further restrict women’s right to abortion.

Court still Yu decided not to Trump 2020 publicity opportunity

However, the US Supreme Court does not seem to be willing to accept abortion disputes, so on Monday (20th) decided not to deal with Indiana (Adiana) restrictions on abortion laws.

Because Trump’s two judges’ appointments are also controversial, the Supreme Court’s prestige has been compromised. If the 2020 election is coming, a judgment against women’s abortion rights will be made by the major liberals in the United States. The media sold “5 to 4: the right to abortion was judged by Trump’s judge”, which made the Supreme Court fully politicized and the neutral image disappeared.

The hesitancy of the Supreme Court has created a good opportunity for Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Currently, two liberal judges of the Supreme Court are over 80 years old. Among them, 86-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to suspend his duties because of illness. If Trump can re-elect the president, and the Republican Party continues to control the Senate majority, the proportion of future Supreme Court justices may become seven conservatives to two liberals.

What’s more, because Trump has a tendency to appoint young judges, these people are in the position of the judge, which is the fact that 30 or 40 years remain unchanged. This, it became Trump’s canvassing weapon.

Although there are currently seven adults in the United States who oppose the overthrow of the “Ruo v. Wade case,” and Trump also arbitrarily opposes abortion in cases of rape, incest, and endangering the lives of pregnant women, but he is on the verge of abortion today. He also joined the battle group, emphasizing that he is “tough to support the life”, not to mention reminding the nationals how many federal judges he appointed.

When the election is approaching, it is not difficult to imagine that in a church in a conservative rural area, there will be a pastor who says to his followers: “You may not like Trump, do not like his policies, do not like him. Style, don’t like his Twitter tweet, don’t like that he used to divorce, don’t like him not knowing the Bible. Or, the soybeans behind your house are piled up like mountains, but also because of Trump’s harm. However, you listen well, in the whole In the United States, only this person can ban the evils of abortion. Only him, only him, can save thousands of small lives killed by the Democratic, liberal, and progressive policies. In the eyes of God, this is not everything. Is it important?”

Abortion is a matter of life and death. For Trump, who has to be re-elected to stabilize his support for the basics, it may be the same “life-critical”.

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