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Tokyo Disneyland announced that it will spend 250 billion yen (17.8 billion yuan) to establish the 8th park in Tokyo Disneyland, and “Fantasy Springs”, and pointed out that the park will develop with the new hotel in the same period. It is expected that the new hotel will be financed in 2022. Opened every year. Oriental Disney’s parent company Oriental Land pointed out that it has always been the largest hand-drawn expansion plan.

The expansion of the park will contain three sets of Disney movies, including the magic snow, the magical hair and Peter Pan, the park’s attractions and restaurants, allowing visitors to experience the plot of the film.

There are 4 attractions, 3 restaurants and 1 shop in the park, as well as a new hotel. With the opening of the new campus, visitors can experience a one-stop sea-related myth or legendary trip.

Tokyo Disneyland will have multiple projects enabled

There are several new projects in Tokyo Disneyland that have been used since this year. On July 23 this year, Disney’s Ocean Club will launch a new ride “Fu Xiang: Dream Sky”. In the spring of next year, in Tokyo Disneyland, a new campus with the theme of “Beauty and the Beast” will be launched.

In addition to Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland is also undergoing expansion work involving an amount of 10.9 billion yuan, of which 5.8 billion yuan will be funded by the Hong Kong government.

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