Apple and Qualcomm decided to settle after a long patent dispute. The two sides agreed to revoke all litigation in the world and reach an agreement. Qualcomm will provide 5G chips for Apple’s later mobile phones. Apple no longer needs to wait for Intel to delay. With the launch of the 5G chip, Intel later said that it will launch the mobile 5G chip business. However, there is news that Apple had prepared for the soul of Intel’s 5G chip before Apple and Qualcomm reached a settlement agreement.

According to the British “Telecommunications” report, Apple had already dug Intel to Intel in February this year and hired its developer Umashankar Thyagarajan. It is reported that when Thyagarajan worked at Intel, he contributed a lot to the development of the 4G chip of the 2018 iPhone, and played an important role in the development of the XMM 8160 5G communication chip. With his resignation, Intel was forced to reshuffle the 5G project development plan; after Apple and Qualcomm reached a settlement, Intel announced that it would withdraw from the 5G mobile phone chip business.

Thyagarajan’s information on LinkedIn has also confirmed that he has joined Apple. He has been an engineer at Apple since February of this year and has been working at Apple for about 3 months.

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