Tesla, the US electric car maker, has been falling, and its share price has fallen about 39% this year. Investment bank Morgan Stanley recently released a report that blew Tesla’s share price, saying that Tesla’s share price will fall 95%.

According to the report, Tesla is increasingly relying on the Chinese market, but due to the impact of Sino-US trade friction, Tesla’s sales in the Chinese market are not up to standard, and it is more likely to be only half of the original estimate. Dam Jonas, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, said that the decline in sales in the Chinese market, coupled with increased liabilities, and potentially negative factors such as high-level departures and price cuts in electric vehicles, suggest that Tesla will fall sharply in the worst case, and its stock price may only be 10 Dollar.

Apple has bid for about $240.

Tesla’s share price has fallen sharply, and for Apple, it may be “escaped.” In the past, Apple was interested in buying Tesla. Roth Capital Partners analyst Craig Irwin said in a recent interview that he learned from a number of different sources that Apple had a share of about $240 in 2013. Price, bid for Tesla.

He said that there is “absolute confidence” in the authenticity of the news and that Tesla’s share price has fallen a lot, and I believe that Apple may be interested in buying Tesla at the current lower price.

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