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US President Donald Trump visits Japan as a state guest on Saturday (25th) and is expected to stay for four days. He will hold talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sino-US trade war, North Korea’s denuclearization and easing US-Japan trade. Abe has always been accused of making Trump feel at home. This time, it is beyond the past. Even the Japanese national sumo wrestling competition for Trump to break the traditional practice, and also dispatched the new Emperor to entertain Trump, causing objection in Japan.

The Washington Post pointed out that this strategy has attracted attention and even some kind of sympathy in Japan. Many people believe that Abe’s practices are only to maintain Japan’s most important foreign relations and to appease fickle Trump.

Inviting Trump to enjoy the special seat to let the conservatives blow up

Japanese officials said that Trump’s trip will make him the first foreign head of state to meet with the new Japanese emperor Deren. He will also travel to the National Museum of Tokyo and sit around the bandits to watch the order and the first major sumo of the era. At the end of the competition, the winners will be awarded the “Trump Cup”.

The special seat of Trump and his wife Melania Trump is located on the right side of the bandit. The seats next to the bandits are usually sitting on the cloth cushions, but Trump, like most foreigners, is not used to sitting cross-legged, so the Japanese government will make special arrangements for the Trumps to sit next to the bandits. Sumo is one of the most conservative and traditional sports. The Japanese government has set off a dissatisfied conservative dissatisfaction because VIPs usually sit in a closed box on the second floor.

A 64-year-old Japanese businessman, Terada, wrote to the “Daily News” saying: “The event has attracted a lot of attention and is rich in Japanese national history and tradition. If the guests are the heads of allies, this matter cannot be sloppy.”

Japanese officials denied that the establishment of a special seat was special treatment for foreign guests and said that Trump’s presence helped to promote sumo. A Washington official said anonymously: “This move will bring the Japanese people closer to the president himself and give Prime Minister Abe an opportunity to introduce his good friend Trump to the Japanese.”

The Emperor’s first foreign guest royal brand won the favor of Trump

Trump also said that he was willing to visit because Abe told him that for the Japanese, the importance of the Japanese emperor is better than the American Football Super Cup. Many Japanese believe that it is appropriate to let the closest head of the allies become the first foreign guests to meet with the new Emperor. However, some people think that the Japanese emperor is like a symbol of national dignity. It is disgusting to use the Japanese emperor to receive a president who is considered by many Japanese to have no dignity.

Nagano Akira, a professor of political science at Sophia University in Tokyo, said: “Many Japanese, especially conservatives, attach great importance to the royal family’s arranging, etiquette, and dignity. Abe’s intention to play the royal brand to win Trump’s favor shows that he is very anxious, I believe other political friends think so.”

Abe’s intention to play highball drunkard in the US military purchase

Trump’s trip is also indispensable with Abe’s ball. The two will play a small white ball at the “Maohara Country Club” on the golf course in Mobara, Chiba Prefecture on Sunday morning (26th). Japanese professional golfer Aoki is likely to play.

In addition, the two will go to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Base in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture on the 28th and board the Japanese frigate Kaga. The Kaga is a cloud-class frigate. The Japanese government intends to modify this frigate with an aircraft-like shape to be equipped with the latest F-35B stealth fighters in the United States. Hua Post pointed out that one of the purposes of this trip is to remind Trump that Japan is not only willing to strengthen its self-defense capabilities, but most importantly, it will also purchase a large amount of US military equipment to achieve this goal.

Stanford University East Asian expert Snyder said: “Abe is good at catering to Trump’s preferences and sketches Trump as a great leader. Every message conveyed to Trump is carefully designed to let Trump see him. watch.”

Japanese business leaders and Abe’s political allies believe that Abe’s strategy is necessary and can effectively safeguard Japan’s national interests, even though Trump threatens to impose tariffs on Japanese auto classes.

Kingston, a professor at Temple University in Japan, said that people know that Abe is doing his best to deal with the most difficult American president in history.

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