Will the Fed cut interest rates this year? At present, market participants are convinced that the authorities will cut interest rates at the meeting on interest rates in September or December this year. However, Mestre, the president of the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank, believes that to bring inflation back to the 2% target level requires restraint rather than intense action.

When interviewed by Bloomberg, who was regarded as moderate hawks, he pointed out that he would refute the idea of raising interest rates to raise inflation. He said that the government should be cautious and should not react too quickly when prices rise again. It will appear again later this year.

Dallas Bank of Cash President: Interest rates are at the right level

Meister also pointed out that if inflation rises to the 2% level as the only target, it can take a very radical approach, but this is a very bad policy, and said that the other mission of the authorities is to promote local employment if radical measures are used to stimulate inflation. Is to over-exposure the goal of promoting employment.

She believes that the current local inflation level is not far from the target level and that it is more prudent to keep interest rates low.

On the other hand, Copland, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, pointed out that the current interest rate in the United States is at the right level, but the trade situation is tense and inflationary pressures are rising. It is difficult for investors to judge the next action of the authorities. It is also pointed out that they will pay close attention to the latest developments in trade.

In addition, Sanli City Federal Reserve Bank President Daley pointed out that the United States to impose tariffs on Chinese goods may cause local inflation levels to approach 2%, the target level set by the authorities.

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