Huawei’s president Ren Zhengfei received an exclusive interview with CCTV’s “Face to Face” program on Tuesday (21st), and CCTV News Channel broadcasted an exclusive interview on Sunday (26th).

Ren Zhengfei pointed out during the visit that victory must belong to Huawei because “we depend on ourselves and not on the United States.” He also pointed out that Huawei “has never felt that we will die”. The company has produced 20,000 gold medals with the inscription “Undead Huawei”.

Call for education to enhance national competitiveness

When asked about the moment when Huawei is at stake, why is it most concerned about education? Ren Zhengfei said that he cares about education not about Huawei, but about the country. If education is not valued, the country will actually return to poverty. In Ren Zhengfei’s view, from Huawei’s encounter with the US ban to the recent escalation of trade friction, it is actually a contest of scientific and technological strength, and the fundamental problem is the level of education.

Ren Zhengfei believes that this society will eventually move towards artificial intelligence. 20 seconds on the production line can make a mobile phone from scratch, and hundreds of thousands of production lines in the future are completely automated. If people’s cultural quality is not enough, they have not received college or university education, English and computers are not good, and opportunities for workers do not exist. From the epitome of Huawei, we must see that the country must move toward this step, otherwise, the country will be uncompetitive.

He then called for vocational education to be more concerned. “In the era of the industrial revolution, as long as there is a secondary school education level and a secondary school education level, it can basically work. But in an intelligent society, the degree of education has greatly improved.” He believes that China attaches importance to comprehensive elite education and lacks vocational education. And 70% of Germany is higher vocational education, and vocational education is also very important.

Ren Zhengfei also accepted an exclusive interview with the program on January 17. He called for education to be completed and the country to have a future. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the treatment of teachers, and then to be poor and inferior to teachers. It is necessary to let outstanding talents be willing to be teachers and let excellent children be willing to learn from teachers. This will enable “to enable outstanding people to cultivate better people.”

Wafer “prepared tires” almost sold to US companies

Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei had planned to sell its chip design company, Hisilicon Semiconductor, to US companies for $10 billion. “The contract was signed and all the procedures were completed.” However, the director’s directors changed and the new chairman rejected the acquisition. At that time, as Huawei’s “surrender and compromise”, he wanted to let everything happen, but “the young and the radicals” refused to sell.

Ren Zhengfei recalled that he had said at the time that Huawei had encountered the United States on the hills 10 years later. “We definitely can’t beat their bayonets. When they climbed the southern slope, they climbed the slopes with beef coffee. We climbed the slopes with dry food, maybe it was not as good as the mountains. People, we must be mentally prepared, we have prepared a spare tire plan.”

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