Mexican Environment Minister Josefa Gonzalez Blanco Ortiz Mena was approved on Saturday (25th) for resignation of President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, but she resigned not because of corruption or scandal, but because she was last week On the 5th (24th), she was 38 minutes late for her business trip, and she was waiting for her to be alone.

Mena was late and caused the whole crew and crew to wait until she could leave. The captain explained in a full-time broadcast that they would delay taking off in 38 minutes because they had to wait for a federal government official to board the plane. The Mexico Daily News reported several passenger complaints. One of them tweeted on Twitter: “This is arrogance, it’s corruption, it’s an insult… someone who pays for the money and arrives on time for the journey.”

She tweeted on Twitter and uploaded her resignation letter saying, “I don’t have a good explanation. If Mexico wants to truly transform, it must pursue a completely fair and just value.” She stressed that she voluntarily resigned and had nothing to do with the president.

Mena wrote: “No one can have privileges and be a beneficiary, even if it is to perform their duties, it does not mean that my interests can override others.”

Mena is the second senior official to resign to the president in a week. Lopez said in a speech on Sunday that she had accepted her resignation.

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