US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump have already departed Japan on Air Force One, and Trump will become the first foreign head of state to visit Japan and the times. This is his second visit to Japan since he became president of the United States.

The two arrived at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on the evening of Saturday (25th) and stayed at the PALACE Hotel near the Royal Palace.

He is tweeting on the plane: Trump wrote in the tweet: “I left the White House and I was on Air Force One, and I went to Japan with my first lady. On behalf of the United States, I look forward to meeting the Emperor. I will also Discuss trade and military issues with my friend, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Japan attaches great importance to security during Trump’s visit. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has mobilized about 25,000 police officers from across the country to carry out security work, strengthening local security to the largest alert.

Trump’s visit to Japan:

I arrived in Japan on the evening of Saturday (25th) and attended the meeting of financial leaders of Japan and the United States at the hotel where I stayed and delivered a speech. 

On Sunday (26th), I went to Chiba Prefecture and Abe for three golf. Go to the National Museum of Japan in the evening to watch the sumo competition. Dinner with Abe at the Izakaya in the evening. When he watched the sumo game, he would sit on the right side of the bandit instead of sitting in a closed box on the 2nd floor; the two were not sitting on the floor, but sitting in a chair. It is said that this move caused dissatisfaction with the sumo conservatives.

On Monday (27th) morning, I went to the palace to see Emperor Deren. Then, he held formal talks with Abe at the Yingbin Hotel. It is rumored that because the two countries have differences of opinion on some matters, they will not issue a joint statement..In the afternoon, he met with the families of Japanese who were kidnapped by North Korea. He attended a dinner in the palace in the palace at night. 

On Tuesday (28th), the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Yokosuka Base and Abe Shinzo jointly boarded the cloud-class frigate Kaga and returned home in the afternoon.

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