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What will Trump do next week? In November 2017, Trump had met with Akihito. He only had a handshake, nod, and an arm, and there was no embarrassment. Now Trump meets with the younger Deren, and I believe that he will not bend over.

The Japan Times also quoted the Palace Office on Friday (24th), saying that the Palace Office did not make any suggestions on how to greet the Emperor.

President’s dress problem

Although the Japanese Palace Office said that there will be no special requirements for foreign guests, of course, foreign presidents should not be too casual, especially in terms of clothing and words and deeds.

In 2017, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who was even more in the position of Bitcolp, visited Japan and attracted “worry” from Japan. The Philippine media quoted Japanese officials as saying that the Japanese side was worried that Duterte would wear jeans when he saw the Emperor, and even bite the chewing gum while talking to the Emperor. This is because Duterte had a previous record. He had been in the pocket during his visit to China, and he was questioned about chewing gum. Duterte later denied that he was chewing gum, explaining that he was only inflamed.

But relatively speaking, Trump is often dressed as a “suit friend”, and rarely uses “Horse Records” to show people. This aspect can also make Japanese officials more reassured.

The Emperor is ready to see the president.

Before the Japanese emperor met with the presidential foreign guests, he was also prepared. According to Sawada’s “Japanese Imperial Family Declassification”, the general meeting time is about 30 minutes. In order to assist the emperor in preparation, a few days before the meeting, the ambassadors of the countries concerned will go to the palace to explain to the emperor and explain the foreign guests. Information. The Emperor will also prepare a thank-you speech, usually talking about the memories of his previous visit to the country where the foreign guests belong.

The royal family will treat the guests at the dinner party as a dinner party. The menu is mainly French cuisine, including fish, meat, salad, ice cream, and other desserts. This is because the guests are usually used to eating French cuisine, and in the Taisho Emperor In the era, the Emperor’s Royal Chef at the time produced orthodox French cuisine, and the recipes have been inherited ever since.

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