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Brewed brandy must be taxed on its own! Romania, Hungary are preparing to “protect rights” in the EU

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There are many famous local wines in many parts of the world, and it is not necessarily the most famous wine. Many people in Europe and America like to brew or even brew their own wines in the region. In addition to being fresh, they are more likely to match the taste of local people. Recently, Romania and Hungary have to pay taxes because they brewed brandy, and they are preparing to “protect rights” in the EU.

Fruit alcohol distilled into a variety of fruits

First of all, everyone needs to know what brandy is. Brandy is distilled from fruit alcohol, and wine is generally used, but there are other fruits. Romania is best known for its brand name “tuica”, and the brandy of Hungary is called “palinka”. The fruits available include apricot, cloth, cherry (cherry), apple and pear.

Incidentally, VSOP refers to brandy that has been in wine for more than 4 years, and XO is more than 10 years. The most famous place of origin is the French cognac, which uses strict varieties of grapes and distilleries.

EU’s health prohibits private brandy

“Reuters” pointed out that in fact, in Eastern Europe, such as Romania, Hungary and other places, traditional fruit farmers will use their own fruit to brew brandy. However, based on health considerations, the EU imposes restrictions on private brewing.

At present, the law prohibits private winemaking at home, and the fruit farmers bring their own fruit to the winery, commissioned the brandy and brought it home to enjoy it. It also has to collect half of the consumption tax.

Private beer and wine in the area

Due to traditional factors, the laws of Romania and Hungary are relatively loose, and the tax rate is lower than in other places. Each fruit grower can produce up to 50 liters of brandy per year.

However, the two countries are still not satisfied, and Romania is demanding further tax cuts and an annual increase of one to 100 liters. In addition, the country also requires that it can be brewed at home, in line with its own brewed beer and wine.

Multi-country opposition to Romania’s “loose” proposal

Romanian officials said the above proposal would allow rural residents to re-use ancient recipes to brew their own brandy.

However, Reuters quoted EU documents, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Bulgaria all opposed this proposal.

In the case of Bulgaria, which is located in Eastern Europe, the country is worried that the Romanian brandy, which is cheaper, will allow smuggling of Romanian brandy, which will affect the country’s market.

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