Hon Hai

Taiwan’s richest man and Kuomintang presidential primaries, Guo Taiming, and his chairman, Hon Hai Group, issued a “Business Description of the US-China Trade Warfare Company” announcement yesterday, stating that “the current Sino-US trade dispute, the company has already set up a project should guide The team, the team in the local area continued to pay attention 24 hours a day, and pointed out that “there may be a change in the customer order combination due to market changes in the near future. The overall impact on the company’s business is limited after the order has increased or decreased.”

The company pointed out that “there is a long-term and stable relationship with existing major customers. Regardless of the customer’s business conditions and situation, they will fully support the business development of existing customers.”

Hon Hai’s performance, in the face of the current complex and ever-changing international industrial environment and economic situation, the company continues to improve product quality and high-tech service standards through the Industrial Internet to achieve quality, efficiency, cost reduction and reduction of results; Global market development, continue to promote structural diversification and globalization of industrial chain layout, enhance its ability to resist risks, minimize the impact of customer business fluctuations on the company’s operational level, and the company’s management team will strive to create maximum value for shareholders.

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