The explosive growth of China’s auto market is no longer, and the share price of Geely Automobile (0175) has also fallen. Chief Executive Gui Shengyue pointed out that due to external factors, it is not time to evaluate whether the company can achieve its annual sales target.

Gui Shengyue said that the current difficult situation is unprecedented. I don’t dare to expect too much from sales in the first half of the year but stressed that it will do its own strategy and maintain market share growth. It has risen from 6.7% at the end of the year to the present. Nearly 7%.

He believes that if the implementation of the National Sixth Standard in July and the Sino-US trade negotiations are good and favorable policies, I believe that the sales performance in the second half will be better than the first half. In addition, the Group’s development strategy is a top priority, and a new round of five-year plans will be announced from the end of this year to early next year.

Entering the Western European market next year

For the export market, he said that the export value of the first quarter increased significantly, and will enter the Western European market next year, while the Southeast Asian and Eastern European markets will continue to develop and the current product sales are also good.

He acknowledged that the Chinese auto market is unlikely to have explosive growth, but rigid demand still exists, so I believe sales will continue to grow.

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