hong kong stock exchange

Affected by DQ news, Sanai Health Group (1889) plunged into “Imperial” this morning! The stock opened in the market, that is, nearly 90%, down 0.03 yuan, now 86%, reported 0.041 yuan, turnover of 40.1 million yuan.

The three love health groups issued a circular this morning stating that they received a letter from the Stock Exchange stating that the company failed to maintain sufficient operational level or possess sufficient value of tangible assets and that it had sufficient potential value under Rule 13.24 of the Listing Rules. Intangible assets to ensure that the shares can continue to be listed. Accordingly, the Exchange decided to suspend trading of shares in accordance with Rule 6.01(3) of the Listing Rules and to delist the Company in accordance with Rule 6.01A(1) of the Listing Rules.

The Group stated that under the Listing Rules, the company has the right to request the Listing Committee to review the above-mentioned delisting decision within 7 business days from the date of receipt of the decision. Therefore, if the Group does not make any application for review before June 4, the shares will be suspended from trading on the morning of June 5. Prior to this, the shares will continue to be traded.

The group said that it is conducting an internal review and review of the delisting decision and also discussed with external consultants. It intends to submit a review request on or before June 4, and that the company is in transition. In order to protect the interests of shareholders, the company has terminated its old business with continuous losses and has sold assets with a large net debt. The Board will strive to improve the overall performance of the Group in the future.

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