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At the eve of the annual general meeting of Henderson Land (0012), Li Zhaoji, 91, officially announced the retiring chairman and general manager and handed over the market value of nearly 550 billion yuan to the two kings Li Jiajie and Li Jiacheng. The two will serve as co-chairs and general managers.

This time, it means that after the Cheung Kong (1113), SHKP (0016) and New World (0017), the “Four Big Family” of Hong Kong real estate has been officially completed.

Henderson announced today (27th) that after the conclusion of the annual general meeting tomorrow, Lee Shau Kee will resign as the chairman and general manager of the company, as well as the members of the nomination committee and the remuneration committee, but will remain as executive director of the company. Group service. Li Zhaoji said that due to the high age, he decided to retire.

At the same time, after the approval of the special resolutions at the AGM, Li Jiajie and Li Jiacheng will be appointed as the co-chairs and general managers of the company (respectively and individually referred to as the “Chairman and General Manager”), as well as the Nomination Committee and the Remuneration Committee. Member.

The one-handed market value of 550 billion yuan listed kingdom

According to the latest Hong Kong rich list published by Forbes in February this year, Lee Shau Kee ranked second with a net worth of more than 230 billion Hong Kong dollars. In his early years, the four uncles had voluntarily paid dividends from their companies. In the past 10 years, they had a minimum of 25 billion yuan in dividends, but their own expenses were less than one-tenth of them. Therefore, wealth has become more and more like “snowballing”.

Lee Shau Kee’s listed kingdom has a wide range of business. Henderson has six listed companies in Hong Kong, covering real estate, retail, energy and transportation. As of today (27th), the market value is nearly 550 billion yuan, except for the current market value of 215.2 billion yuan. Its flagship Henderson Land, which was founded by the company, also includes China Gas (0003) with a market value of 302.2 billion yuan, Hong Kong and China Gas (1083) with a market value of 16 billion yuan, Hong Kong Ferry (0050) with a market value of 3.1 billion yuan, and a market value of 11 billion. Yuan’s Miramar Hotel (0071) and Henderson Development (0097) with a market capitalization of 2.1 billion.

6 years old to learn to do family business

Li Zhaoji’s extraordinary business mind was gradually established as a child. According to Liang Fengyi’s biography of Dr. Li Zhaoji, born in 1928, the four uncles of Shunde, Guangdong Province, were ranked fourth in the family, so they had the title of “four uncles”. Their father opened gold shops and silver numbers to operate gold and In foreign currency trading, Si Shu learned to do family business as early as 6 years old. Later, because he wanted to know more about the procedure of gold and gold, he accidentally discovered that the cast goldsmith in the store secretly mixed other impurities during the sheet metal, saving the savings. Kim is full of pockets.

Since the craft of casting gold is not well-versed by many people, the four uncles worry that once they report to their father, the family business will be followed by no one, so they decided to study gold technology on their own. By the age of 12, Li Zhaoji learned to read gold, gold, gold

Seeing population expansion, moving to the real estate industry

Before getting involved in the real estate business, Lee Shau-kee once looked at the Hong Kong export market and decisively borrowed money, so that he had sufficient funds to make a fortune in the manufacturing and import and export trades. This also shows that once he determines that the business has the potential for development, he will not hesitate to attack.

Since then, as the population of Hong Kong has soared, the four uncles have seen the Government build the first low-rent housing estate in North Point Model Village. The public has responded enthusiastically. The Government is concerned that the pace of people’s housing problems is far from catching up with the urgent needs of people’s livelihood. The demand market, together with several business friends to joint venture real estate, officially entered the real estate business in Hong Kong, and other technologies, and even served as the “first spot” for the shopkeepers. In 1948, Li Zhaoji went to Hong Kong for development. He also quickly earned the first pot of gold with his gold and silver industry’s housekeeping skills.

Henderson Land was established in the 1970s

In 1963, Li Zhaoji and Guo Desheng and Feng Jingyi founded the “Xinhongji Enterprise”. The company’s “base” word was taken from the name of Li Zhaoji. In 1972, after the listing of Xindi (0016), Si Shu was assigned assets worth 50 million yuan. In 1975, Li Zhaoji established Henderson Land Co., Ltd., and Henderson Land was officially listed in Hong Kong in 1981.

In the early 1990s, Hong Kong was on the verge of returning to the tide. At that time, Si Shu joined forces with three other real estate developers to invest in the construction of the second phase of the Hong Kong International Finance Centre. Now it is one of the landmarks of Central and Hong Kong. Under the diversified operation of Lee Shau Kee, Henderson has continued to invest in energy, hotels, transportation and other industries. The flagship Henderson has developed into a leading real estate developer with operations in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

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