US President Donald Trump, who is visiting Japan, arrived at the Tokyo Imperial Palace on Monday morning (27th) to meet with Japanese Emperor Deren. It was the first foreign leader to receive the Germans after the succession in early May.

In the morning, the Japanese Imperial Palace held a welcoming ceremony for Trump and his wife Melania Trump. The two men shook hands with Deren and Empress Masako, who were personally greeted, and greeted each other. At the ceremony, Trump and Deren reviewed the honor guard, Japanese elementary school students and members of the US Embassy waved the flags of Japan and the United States and welcomed the Trumps.

Trump will later meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and is expected to discuss trade issues, the North Korean nuclear issue and the Iranian situation. After the two will work together for a luncheon and hold a joint press conference, the Trumps expect that they will also be in the palace at night to attend the state banquet hosted by the Japanese Emperor Deren.

Trump Sunday (26th) and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe played golf in Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture, and watched the sumo competition, and then enjoyed dinner with Abe Shinzo and his wife, Zhao Hui, at a restaurant in Tokyo.

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