Tencent Holdings (0700)’s Ace mobile phone game “Glory of the King” is quite successful in the Mainland, and can be said to be the golden egg of Tencent. In the early years, the company intends to launch the overseas version of “The Legend of the King”, “Tale of Legends”, in order to vigorously enter the overseas market, but the performance is not as good. According to “Reuters” report, Tencent intends to adjust its overseas development strategy, focusing more on local demand.

“Reuters” pointed out that Tencent launched the “Legend Showdown” in the summer of 2017, in order to enter the overseas market in a big way. At that time, the management of the company believed that it could be successful, but there were mistakes in development and marketing, and the relationship with the US subsidiary Riot Game was not ideal. The game has a flat response in North America and Europe.

The report quoted sources as saying that Tencent almost canceled the plan for the “legend matchup” and disbanded the game’s marketing team in Europe and the United States. Currently, the average daily active players of the game in Europe and North America are 100,000 and 150,000. The report also mentioned that there are many problems in the “Legend of the Legend”.

Regarding the report, Tencent said that the “transitive confrontation” is currently operating stably on a global scale including Europe and the United States. The news about the changes in the AoV Europe and the United States team is not true.

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