Huawei’s ban has attracted global attention. Many companies have indicated that they will terminate their hardware and software supply to Huawei, which is worrying about Huawei’s prospects. The representative of Huawei said that there are currently 42 commercial contracts in the world, which proves its 5G technical strength. 

Deng Taihua, president of the wireless product line, attended the Hong Kong China Import and Export Chamber of Commerce forum, saying that China was launched in the 3G and 4G eras in the 8th and 4th years respectively. This time, 5G became the first country to launch. Huawei currently has 42 commercial contracts worldwide, of which 25 are from Europe, 6 are in the Asia Pacific region, 10 are in the Middle East, and 1 is in Africa. Huawei’s global 5G network equipment shipments have exceeded 100,000 sets, accounting for most of the current global 5G commercial shipments. He also pointed out that when instruments and instruments are connected to the network and intelligent, 5G can help improve the efficiency of the manufacturing industry. 

Deng Taihua continued, 4G took 6 years to reach 500 million users worldwide, and I believe that 5G can reach the same user scale in half the time. At present, 52 terminals have been released, but he has not responded to questions about Huawei being blocked by the United States.

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