As the China-US trade war continued, China’s telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei had multiple internal mail parcels and was transferred to the United States by FedEx. The outside world questioned whether it was intentional. FedEx later apologized and stressed that it was just a mistake.

The Chinese official media Xinhua News Agency reported on Saturday (1st) that the relevant Chinese authorities have decided to investigate the case. Another official CCTV said in the “News Network” on Saturday that FedEx was investigated and would be a warning to other foreign companies, organizations and individuals that violated relevant Chinese laws and regulations.

The Xinhua News Agency reported that FedEx’s undelivered express mail in China seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of users and violated the relevant regulations of the Chinese express delivery industry. The relevant Chinese authorities have decided to open a case investigation.

After CCTV, the “International Sharp Review” in the program “News Network” pointed out that as a courier company operating in China for decades, FedEx has the obligation to cooperate with the relevant Chinese authorities to investigate, the Chinese authorities have the power to make The corresponding penalty.

“International Sharp Review” also means that China has established ” unreliable entities”.The list system. FedEx is under investigation and will be a warning to other foreign companies, organizations and individuals that violate China’s relevant laws and regulations. China welcomes the development of foreign-funded enterprises, but only if they comply with Chinese laws and regulations, market rules and the spirit of the contract, and cannot damage the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese consumers. 

Sending China parcels to the United States

In the FedEx incident, Reuters at the end of May.  It is pointed out that FedEx transferred two packages sent from Japan to China and tried to transfer two packages sent from Vietnam to the Asian office to the United States. Huawei claims that the contents of the package are documents, not technical products. According to Huawei, two packages from Japan were sent to China on May 19 and 20, but arrived in Memphis, Tennessee, on the 23rd for unknown reasons. Huawei later said that it was surprised and worried about the incident and is reviewing the partnership with FedEx.

A FedEx spokesperson later responded that the parcel was sent to the United States because of a misdelivery, but was an individual incident. The spokesperson said that he had contacted the customer directly to ensure that the package arrived at the destination while emphasizing that it was not subject to third-party requests to change the delivery location.

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