Taiwan camera repair NRC shared one of the repair cases, indicating that the two hands of the Nikon D810 for repair have seawater intrusion rust, but even so Nikon D810 can continue to use for half a year. Not only is the quality of the Nikon 810’s workmanship, but it also raises the risk of buying a 2-hand camera.

Even if smartphones have entered the waterproof age in recent years, they still cannot be immersed in seawater to ensure that mobile phone parts will not be rusted. Recently, however, some netizens in Taiwan shared that when repairing a 2-hand Nikon D810 that does not have waterproof function, it was found that even if the camera was invaded by seawater, the rust problem appeared in many parts of the fuselage, so the NRC guessed that the camera should be soaked in seawater immediately. Repair until normal use, then sell it. But the most amazing thing is that 2 mobile phone owners have been using the camera for half a year, which really surprised the author of the Nikon camera.

When the Nikon D810 was demolished, it was found that the camera had not only a large number of screws with rust problems, but also it was incredible that the CMOS sensor also had rust problems. How to shoot is really incredible, but the NRC did not share the camera. It’s a pity to take a photo, and you can’t get a photo of it. In addition, the magnesium alloy body, circuit board, and even the mechanical shutter of this machine also have rust problems, but the camera can still be used for a long time, which is really unexpected.

In addition to the rust problem, the NRC also pointed out that not only did the body not be cleaned during the last maintenance, but the maintenance method was even more problematic. Each fixed position is fixed with only 2 screws, and the welding position is quite random, which makes people worry about the quality of maintenance. Therefore, the author suggests that even if the camera has various problems, it is best to go to various brands for assistance or find some maintenance technicians with word of mouth.

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