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When Tim Inc, chief executive of Apple Inc., was interviewed by CBS on Tuesday (4th), he said that he had not seen the Chinese government targeting Apple, and he did not expect this to happen. .

The China-US trade war has escalated, but he said that Apple has been able to get rid of its influence so far, and he is optimistic that the situation will continue.

Cook said: “The Chinese government has not targeted Apple, frankly, and I do not expect this to happen.” However, he admitted that China’s tax on the iPhone will affect the company’s smartphone sales. 

He said: “I hope this (additional tariffs) will not happen. The fact is that there are production iPhones everywhere. It is produced everywhere, so (China) tax on iPhone will hurt all countries, but the most injured It is this (China).” 

The US ban on Huawei has caused the trade war to continue to heat up. Some people worry that the Chinese government will rely on China’s apple as a target of retaliation.

Apple’s sales have fallen sharply since the China-US trade war broke out. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Apple’s revenue in China was $13.2 billion, a decrease of $4.8 billion from the same period in 2017.

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