US President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, after meeting with the Queen of England on the first day of Monday (3rd) and participating in the palace dinner, the second day of the visit focused on meeting with Prime Minister Wen Cuishan, the two together Attend the press conference. The following article summarizes what happened to Trump’s second visit to the UK.

Meeting with Wen Cuishan and holding a press conference

After meeting with Wen Cuishan, Trump and Wen Cuishan attended the press conference. At the meeting, Trump praised Wen Cuishan’s contribution to Brexit and affirmed his contribution to the UK. Here are the highlights that Trump said at the press conference:

Brexit should and needs to appear because Britain is a great country and should have its own identity.

Both countries agree to ensure that Iran will not develop nuclear weapons and provide assistance to terrorists.

Although the two countries have differences on Huawei, they believe that the United States and Britain can reach a consensus to protect intelligence sharing between the two countries.

The protest against him is only a minority, so the reports are all “fake news.”

When Trump mentioned that Wen Cuishan was about to retire, he mentioned the people who were interested in competing for the Prime Minister. Trump praised Boris Johnson and said that he “can do a good job” and that he knows Jeremy Hunt and that he can “do it well,” as Michael Gove said. “I don’t know him very much,” Trump asked the reporters who felt that Gao Wenhao could do just as well, causing a burst of laughter.

Mention that the NHS should be included in trade negotiations

At the press conference, Trump also mentioned that the United Kingdom should put the National Health Service (NHS) in the Anglo-American trade negotiations. Trump said he believes that after the Brexit, it can get a “very large” trade agreement with the United States, and all issues, including the NHS, should be placed at the negotiating table.

Before the Trump visit, the US ambassador to the United Kingdom, Woody Johnson, mentioned the intention to include the NHS in the US-UK trade negotiations, allowing US private companies to bid for the NHS contract.

The NHS is the UK’s National Health Service and the UK’s largest welfare expense. Although the NHS has been criticized for its lack of resources and inefficiency in recent years, it is still regarded as a symbol of the British welfare system. The United States intends to intervene in the British NHS caused dissatisfaction with the British ruling and opposition. British Health Minister Matt Hancock said the NHS “will never be an item in the Anglo-American trade negotiations.”

Meet separately with the Brexit party leader Farachi

On the second day, Trump was also in the official residence of the US ambassador to the UK. Winfield House met with the Brexit party leader Nigel Farage. Farage said that the results of the meeting were “good” and that Trump “would be very confident in Brexit.”

After Faraqi added on his personal Twitter, he believed that Trump would be satisfied with the visit to the UK, but he did not disclose the content of the two meetings.

Trump was interviewed by the British “Sunday Times” before his visit to Britain, saying that Britain should send the Brexit party leader Nigel Farage to negotiate with the EU and praised Faraj as a smart person.

Off-site demonstrations continued

The second day of Trump’s visit to Britain, the protesters continued. The giant balloon “Trump Baby” took off at Congress Square, protesters shouted against Trump, and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn also attended the demonstration. Hao Erbin said that he hopes to meet with Trump, and he is opposed to issues such as refugee problems, environmental protection, and global security.

Trump also said at the press conference that he did not want Hao Erbin to think that he “distributed negative energy.” However, he said that he might find another opportunity to meet with Hao Erbin in the future.

Trump will continue on Wednesday (5th) to attend the 75th anniversary of the D-Day.

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