US stocks soared to drive up the Asia-Pacific stock market, but China’s A-shares were weak, and Hong Kong stocks’ gains narrowed throughout the day. The Hang Seng Index closed at 26,895 points, up 133 points. The H-Share Index closed at 10,345 points, up 3 points. The turnover was 79.5 billion yuan.

It is possible to sell to the state-owned GCL new energy surged 18%

The increase in Tencent (0700) narrowed, which was the biggest reason for the decline in the Hang Seng Index. It closed at 331 yuan, up 1.2%.

Huazhang Technology (1673), which plunged yesterday, rebounded sharply today and closed at 3.75 yuan, up 67.4%.

Or GCL New Energy (0451), which sold to Huaneng Group, closed at 0.295 yuan, up 18%.

Chinese biopharmaceuticals fell below 7 yuan stone medicine plug 4.8%

China plans to expand the centralized procurement of drugs, and pharmaceutical stocks have fallen. China Biopharmaceutical (1177) closed at 6.98 yuan, down 8.4%; Weigao (1066) closed at 6.75 yuan, down 5.2%; Shijiao (1093) closed at 11.5 yuan, down 4.8%; Via Bio (1873) closed at 3.44 yuan, 4.4%; Fosun Pharma (2196) closed at 21.4 yuan, down 4%; Shi Si (2005) closed at 5.96 yuan, down 4%; Kingsray (1548) closed at 16.3 yuan, down 3.7%; Green Leaf (2186) It closed at 5.48 yuan, down 3.2%.

Sands rebounded 3.3% and AIA also rose 2.1%

For other shares, Creative Branch (0669) closed at 51.75 yuan, up 3.9%; Wanzhou (0288) closed at 7.27 yuan, up 3.7%; Sands (1928) closed at 34.7 yuan, up 3.3%; Haoyu (2382) closed at 68.45 yuan , up 2.3%; AAC (2018) closed at 41 yuan, up 2.3%; AIA (1299) closed at 73.75 yuan, up 2.1%; Cheung Kong Group (1113) closed at 57.85 yuan, up 1.7%; HKEx (0388) It closed at 248.8 yuan, up 1.7%.

China’s A-shares fell, the Shanghai Stock Exchange closed at 2,861 points, down less than 1 point; Shenzhen Stock Exchange closed at 8746 points, down 2 points.

Japanese stocks closed at 20,776 points, up 367 points.

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