reform commission

The China Development and Reform Commission held a symposium on rare earth industry enterprises to listen to the opinions of key enterprises on promoting the structural adjustment of the rare earth industry, accelerating transformation and upgrading, and achieving high-quality development.

The participating companies indicated that key technologies such as ultra-high-purity rare earth metals and compounds and high-performance rare earth alloys have made breakthroughs, and the situation of primary products and backward processing has gradually changed.

However, the industry also reflects problems in the order of production and operation. Private mining, over-planning, and illegal recycling are repeated. The risk of proliferation of mining and smelting separation technology is increasing, and the original innovation in high-end applications is still weak.

Illegal mining prohibits China’s superior technology outflow

The participating enterprises suggested that it is necessary to crack down on illegal exploitation, strengthen the control of export of rare earth products, increase the order of industry operations, and protect precious resources. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and prohibit the outflow of China’s dominant core technology.

The company also proposes to strengthen the combination of politics, production, learning, research and use, support the development and application of new technologies for rare earth green mining and smelting, integrate the medium and high-end application industry chain, and accelerate the development of new rare earth materials and high-end application industries.

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