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The US private employment data in May was far worse than expected. After the data was released, the US dollar was weakened against major currencies, and the US dollar index fell below 97.

The US Dollar Index was last reported at 96.81, down 0.27%. The yen was at 107.82 against the US dollar, the latest at 107.87, the latest against the US dollar at 1.1299, up 0.42%, the pound against the US dollar at 1.2739, up 0.32%, the Australian dollar against the US dollar rose 0.6999, up 0.11%, the dollar against the Swiss franc fell 0.61%, The latest report was 0.9861.

In terms of the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate, the per 100-dollar exchange rate against the Hong Kong dollar was 7.2729, the latest report was 7.2617, up 0.15%.

The gold price rose more than 1%

With the weakening of the US dollar, the price of gold rose. The New York gold futures price was up to 1.48.4 US dollars per ounce, up 1.48%. The latest ounce gold spot price was 1.342.75 US dollars, up 1.3%. Silver was the latest US$14.96 per ounce, up 1.26%.

However, investors’ worries about the economic outlook dragged down the oil price. New York oil futures reported a new price of 52.65 US dollars per barrel, down 1.55%. Brent oil futures reported the latest US$61.5 per barrel, down 0.76%.

ADP: 27,000 private jobs in May

ADP recently announced that the number of new employers in the private sector was 27,000 in May, far less than the original forecast of 175,000, of which small businesses reduced 52,000 employees, while medium and large enterprises increased their employment by 11,000 and 6.8 respectively. Ten thousand people.

ADP also pointed out that the manufacturing industry has reduced 43,000 employees, of which the construction industry has decreased by 36,000 and the service business has increased by 71,000.

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