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The Royal Jordanian Air Force released the news of the sale of armaments on the day before (3rd), including six Rainbow 4 series drones purchased from China.

The British “Jan’s Defense Weekly” refers to Jordan’s sale of drones because of dissatisfaction with its performance. The mainland media retorted that the Jordanian military sold arms only because of lack of money.

The Royal Jordanian Air Force official website issued a statement on June 3, saying that the Jordanian Armed Forces / Royal Air Force Command will sell a number of aircraft, including 4 Cessna 295/235 transport aircraft, 1 C-130 transport aircraft, Hawker 63 There are 12 trainers, 6 rainbow 4 drones and 6 McDonald’s 530 helicopters. The deadline for bidding is July 1, 2019.

The British “Zhan’s Defense Weekly” reported that the Rainbow 4 drone was bought from China in 2016. The Jordanian military is planning to resell six UAVs to Syria due to dissatisfaction with the performance of the drone.

However, the mainland media “Observer Network” said that sources in related industries revealed that the sale was not related to aircraft performance. The main factor may be that Jordan’s economy is difficult to continue to use the aircraft, so the aircraft will be transferred to the neighbors. country. The report pointed out that Jordan’s current economic situation is relatively tight. In the past few years, orders signed with the United States to purchase aircraft and weapons such as the F-16 also require funds to “find the number”, and the actions against IS operations in Syria and Iraq are close. At the end, it may be necessary to adjust the size of its air force, so the aircraft at hand will be sold. The source also said that the Rainbow 4B drone may be sold to Syria or Iraq.

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