National Development and Reform Commission

Rare earths have always been regarded as one of China’s “trump cards” against China in the trade war. Chinese officials have recently mentioned rare earth topics in public.

Yesterday (5th), the relevant department of the National Development and Reform Commission held a symposium to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the responsible persons of the relevant departments of the major rare earth producing areas to strengthen the order of the rare earth industry, strengthen the ecological environment protection, and achieve high-quality development. It was emphasized that the total amount control plan should be strictly implemented.

The person in charge of the meeting said that in recent years, the relevant localities have actively promoted the upstream enterprises to speed up the integration and reorganization, organize the rectification of the rare earth industry, crack down on illegal and illegal production practices, strengthen safety production and environmental protection, and promote the comprehensive development and utilization of resources. At the same time, however, there have been many problems such as the history of environmental protection of rare earth mines, the heavy management tasks, the ban on illegal production and the inadequacy of application of high-end fields in rare earth resources.

The person in charge of the meeting suggested that the rare earth industry chain should be vigorously promoted to promote the development of rare earth new materials industry. Make breakthroughs in basic research and key technology R&D applications as soon as possible, promote the development of aggregated development among various entities in government, industry, research and research, promote the deep integration of industrial chain, innovation chain and capital chain, improve the service system of rare earth industry development, and effectively promote scientific research results. Industrialization supports the high-quality development of the rare earth industry.

The person in charge of the relevant department of the National Development and Reform Commission said that it will seriously study and absorb the opinions and suggestions put forward by the localities, and support local efforts to strengthen the capacity building of rare earth functional materials. At the same time, the relevant local governments are required to further optimize the business environment, build a long-term supervision mechanism, strengthen the order rectification of the rare earth industry; strictly implement the total amount control plan, crack down on illegal and illegal activities; establish and improve innovative incentive mechanisms to support enterprises to strengthen intellectual property protection; Solidly promote mine ecological restoration and environmental management, and promote sustainable green development of the industry.

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