Sharp earlier reported that the computer production line was moved from Hangzhou to other places, and the location may be Taiwan or Vietnam.

The NHK report said that Sharp plans to move its production line to Vietnam, but since the Vietnam factory is still under construction, and the United States has imposed imminent import tariffs on China’s $300 billion in goods, the production line will be removed to Taiwan for October or later. The Vietnamese factory is completely complete and then transferred to Vietnam for production.

Large LCD production line moved to Mexico

The factory in Vietnam originally planned to produce electronic parts, but with the escalation of Sino-US trade friction, the production line will also be transformed.

The company is also planning to transfer its Chinese office photocopier production line to Thailand for production.

The large LCD screen was originally planned to be moved to Mexico for production, but the United States imposed tariffs on Mexican products, and the company is looking for other production locations.

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