US National Intelligence Council adviser Peter Kiemel issued a serious warning on Wednesday about the threat posed by climate change to national security. The US media said his statement refuted Trump’s long-held view.

The Associated Press reported on Wednesday (5th) that Kimmel issued a serious warning on the day of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee hearing that climate change poses a growing threat to national security. This statement runs counter to President Donald Trump’s previous efforts to dilute the threat of global warming. 

According to the report, at the hearing, the US military and intelligence officials outlined a series of threats that climate change has long brought, including political turmoil and land disputes caused by food and water shortages, and exploitation for commercial interests. Arctic glaciers, etc. 

The report pointed out that Kimmel said that the melting of Arctic glaciers is a worrying issue. As a result, the route between Asia and North America is smoother, creating more opportunities for mining, fishing and shipping in Russia. “Therefore, the Arctic is becoming a new area of strategic competition,” he added. “Russia, China and other countries are significantly increasing their activities and investments in the region.”

Rod Schoonover, senior analyst for global affairs at the US State Department, told members of the intelligence committee, “The impact of climate change could undermine important international systems that the United States relies heavily on, such as trade routes, food and energy supplies, and the global economy. And stability at home and abroad.” 

Skunoff also said: “Even if not all countries, most countries are unable to adequately address the risks posed by climate-related hazards under current conditions.” 

It is worth mentioning that these analyses are contrary to Trump’s previous views. After Trump took office with the US President, he announced his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement on June 1, 2017. 

The New York Times also reported that Trump repeatedly denied the scientific nature of climate change and played down the impact of global warming. He also posted on Twitter in January 2019 that the central and western parts of the United States have experienced extremely cold weather, calling for global warming to “come back soon.”

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