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Freedom House, a US-based non-governmental organization, recently released the latest media free report, stating that media freedom has deteriorated over the past 10 years, and even some of the most influential democracies advocate populism. Leaders also tried to stifle the independence of the media. The specific example is US President Trump.

The report also listed China as the lowest score of 0, Hong Kong has only 2, and Taiwan is the highest 4.

The title is “Freedom and Media in 2019: Spiral Drop” There is a special mention of China. The report believes that China has recently rapidly expanded its overseas news production and distribution, thereby strengthening its ability to intervene in other countries and weakening the other’s democratic governance, legal system and freedom of the press. According to the report, the main methods for China to influence media coverage in the world are to use friendly media to promote its views. Second, to pressure journalists, diplomats, and the media to suppress critical views. Third, it is involved in the media market of various countries. Publishing system.

The report also pointed out that China exerts media influence around the world, but it despise transparency, undermine fair competition, and even interferes with overseas Chinese communities, establishes channels for political interference with other countries, and weakens the rule of law.

The report suggests that policy makers and media people in democratic countries will play a key role in countering China’s adverse effects on overseas media in the next few years. The method may require Chinese media to openly operate information and sanctions Chinese officials in overseas branches. Interfering with the media reports of other countries in overseas countries and supporting overseas independent Chinese media.

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