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British Prime Minister Wen Cuishan officially resigned as the leader of the Conservative Party on Friday (June 7) and will remain in the prime minister until the next party leader. The reason why the new party leader will automatically become the next prime minister is that the Conservative Party, which is backward due to public opinion, is unwilling to hand over the stage and advance elections. The opposition Labor Party is also unable to push the government through the vote of no confidence in Congress. Therefore, the next prime minister will be nominated by the Conservative Party members to compete for the election of 120,000 members, and the results will be announced at the end of July, becoming the first “small circle election” in the history of British democracy.

At present, more than 10 people have been declared to be candidates for the Conservative Party. Regardless of the party’s polls or the polls of the whole country, Boris Johnson, the former foreign minister who was unsuccessful in 2016, is the next prime minister. Hot, with several times the public support rate is far ahead of other candidates. Followed by the current foreign minister, Jeremy Hunt, who is in the middle of the route, and the environmental minister, Michael Gove, who is a moderately suspected Europeanist who once blocked the road of Johnson.

Although Hou Junwei and Gao Wenhao are far behind in the polls, according to the Guardian report, both of them are supported by about 30 party members, followed by Johnson’s 40, and still expected to qualify, US President Trang During the visit to the UK last week, they met with them separately. Other candidates may hold the hope of “political day is too much”, or take the opportunity to make political propaganda or fight for future cabinet seats. Therefore, they know that they will almost lose and they will be willing to stand for election.

This small circle election will not only determine who will lead the Brexit in the future, but more importantly, who will or will decide the survival of the Conservative Party.

Squeeze of the Brexit party

A follow-up poll in the next British election conducted by the Observer at the end of May shocked the entire British political arena: the Brexit Party, which was established in January this year and led by the former British Independent Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage ( Brexit Party, with the 26% public opinion support rate, 22% ahead of the Labour Party and 17% of the Conservative Party, became the largest party in the UK. Since the British parliamentary election adopts a single-seat, single-vote simple majority system, if the poll results are reflected in the election, the Brexit party is expected to receive 306 seats, and only about 20 seats will win the majority of the Congress, and the Conservative Party will be The 313 seats fell to 26 seats, which is considered to be on the verge of the party.

The Brexit party won 30.5% of the votes in the European Parliament elections at the end of May and became the largest party in the UK. However, the EU elections used to be only occasions where voters voted for “protest votes” – for example, the British Independent Party had the most votes in the 2014 European Parliament elections. In the next year’s British parliamentary elections, there was only one seat, and even Farage himself was defeated. Therefore, the polling of the Brexit party in the parliamentary elections is indeed the first, which is really shocking.

Coincidentally, the Peterborough National Assembly was held last Thursday (June 6). The Brexit candidate lost less than 700 votes to the Labour Party with the original seat of the constituency, replacing the Conservative Party’s status and breaking the The tradition of the two major parties in the district symbolizes the departure of the Brexit party into British mainstream politics.

In the midst of the crisis of the dead party, it is almost the Conservative Party consensus to succeed the party leader. In addition to the representative of the moderate party in the party, the Minister of Employment and Retirement Protection, Amber Rudd, who gave up the squad leader and once said that he could support Johnson, another middle school candidate, Hou Junwei, also moved closer to the suspected European faction, indicating that he was willing “With a heavy heart” accepting no agreement to leave the EU.

Johnson became a “life-saving grass”

Johnson is “rooted in Miaohong”. It is not necessary to prove his de-European will to the party members, and his election ability is beyond doubt. He was often photographed wearing a suit and riding a bicycle. From 2008 to 2016, he twice defeated the Labour Party in the more left-leaning London and became the mayor. Although he has been a Brexit since the 2016 referendum, he Enron spent the next three years of the Brexit process, not frustrated by excessive participation in the details of Brexit.

Like Faraqi, the winner of Trump’s praise is Johnson’s only hand on behalf of the Conservative Party to regain the support of the Brexit Party. In a moderately closed “candidate interview” with nearly 100 Conservative Party members last week, Johnson made it clear that he was able to defeat the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn, send Falach back to his hometown, and keep the people conservative. The party’s value is “the resurgence of passion”. Even if this is the canvassing slogan, no one seems to dare to deny what he said.

The work of the British Prime Minister is certainly not limited to Brexit, but after nearly three years of suffering, this is the work that the new Prime Minister must solve first, and Johnson may also be the “most bad candidate” to lead Britain. Johnson, who had studied and worked in Brussels, Belgium, although he is a determined suspect in Europe, may also be a candidate to break the dilemma.

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