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China and the United States have temporarily adopted different attitudes toward trade disputes, but the two sides have levied tariffs on each other to cope with them, causing dissatisfaction among market participants. Goldman Sachs Chief Executive David Solomon bluntly during his visit to the financial media “CNBC” and did not support US President Trump’s tariff as part of his political agenda. He also pointed out that this will affect the stock market and economic development.

Solomon said that the Sino-US trade war will not adversely affect the risk assets, and pointed out that tariffs will bring “chaos” and “uncertainty” to the investment market. Even though he agrees that there are fundamental differences in trade between China and the United States, there is a need to rebalance, but how long it will last, and how to deal with it. We hope that both sides will focus on dealing with trade disputes. problem.

However, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow expressed confidence in the US economy. Even if the United States did not reach a trade agreement with China, the United States would have a good chance of achieving 3% economic growth in 2019.

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