bank of china

Bank of China (3988) announced that BOC Financial Technology (hereinafter referred to as BOC Jinke), established through its affiliates, has been opened in Shanghai with a registered capital of RMB 600 million. The main business direction is to carry out technological innovation and software through financial technology. R&D, platform operations and technical consulting.

Starting cooperation within and outside the group

The Bank issued an announcement stating that the registered place of BOC Jinke is Shanghai Pudong New Area. It is expected to further deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, accelerate the innovation of financial technology and promote the digital transformation through the establishment of the company. In addition to the intra-group cooperation with BOC, BOC Jinke will also focus on expanding beyond the group and explore cross-border cooperation to establish a more flexible technology innovation system to create an industry-leading financial technology innovation platform.

The bank also said that the next step will continue to promote the digital development strategy and enhance the leading ability of technological innovation.

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