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Hong Kong stocks fell slightly in the afternoon, the Hang Seng Index closed at 27,118 points, down 176 points; the H-Share Index closed at 10,419 points, down 52 points. The turnover was 85 billion yuan.

The Bank of East Asia (0023) issued a profit warning, closing at 21.95 yuan, down 9.1%.

The semi-new stocks of Hong Kong (6055) profit margins emerged, and fell near the closing price, closing at 6.87 yuan, down 8.9%.

Hansen Pharmaceutical (3692), which is listed today, closed at 19.5 yuan, 36.7% higher than the offer price of 14.26 yuan.

China Biopharmaceuticals rose 1.3% against the market, and Haoyu fell 2.2%

For other shares, China Biopharmaceutical (1177) closed at 7.1 yuan, up 1.3%; HKEx (0388) closed at 260.4 yuan, down 0.8%; Shijiao (1093) closed at 11.44 yuan, down 1%; Tencent (0700) closed 330 yuan, down 1.3%; Changjian (1038) closed at 63 yuan, down 1.5%; Taikoo A (0019) closed at 93.8 yuan, down 1.9%; Henderson (0012) closed at 40.3 yuan, down 1.9%; Wanzhou (0288 ) closed at 7.35 yuan, down 2%; Haoyu (2382) closed at 68.6 yuan, down 2.2%; Hengan (1044) closed at 57.25 yuan, down 2.6%.

China’s A shares fell throughout the day, the Shanghai Stock Exchange closed at 2881 points, down 28 points; Shenzhen Stock Exchange closed at 8810 points, down 141 points.

Japanese stocks closed at 21,116 points, up 84 points.

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