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The AT&T has cancelled the customer’s Samsung Foldable Smartphone Galaxy Fold pre-order and will provide $100 in compensation to customers who book in advance.

The US technology evaluation website “Tom’s Guide” said that on June 12th, an email from AT&T was received to inform Galaxy Fold that the order had been cancelled. AT&T said in the email that the order was cancelled because Samsung delayed the Galaxy Fold’s listing date. This makes AT&T unable to ship. AT&T also promised to affected consumers that it will provide a $100 AT&T merchandise card as compensation. 

Galaxy Fold was originally scheduled to be available on April 26th, but many reporters received various problems after the short-term use of the test machine, including the screen rupture, so that Samsung needs to suspend the launch of the mobile phone. Although Samsung said in April that it will announce a new release date in the next few weeks, there is still no news.

Best Buy canceled orders last month.

Prior to this, BestBuy, the nation’s largest e-commodity retail channel, announced the cancellation of the Galaxy Fold pre-order at the end of May. Samsung’s US branch also notified the pre-purchasing Galaxy Fold customers on May 6 if the mobile phone was at 5 The company will automatically cancel all orders if it is not shipped before the 31st of the month.

“Yonhap News” reported in the middle of last month that Samsung has solved the problem that the Galaxy Fold screen will be broken, and it is expected to be re-launched in the US and other markets this month. It is reported that Samsung’s solution is to strengthen the plastic protective layer on the display.

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