g20 summit

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross lowered his expectations when he talked about the progress of Sino-US trade negotiations on Sunday (16th). Ross said that he does not expect the leaders of the two countries to reach an agreement at the G20 summit, but still said that he is optimistic that the two sides can reach a certain consensus.

In a telephone interview with The Wall Street Journal, Ross said he believes that the most likely event at the G20 summit is the agreement between the two sides to restart trade negotiations. Such as the consensus of some basic rules, and when it is possible to resume the schedule of detailed talks. Ross stressed that “even if the war can be resolved through negotiations,” and said it takes time.

After the US suddenly raised tariffs toward China in May, the Sino-US trade war has warmed up again. The outside world expects that China and the United States can reach an agreement at the G20 summit held on June 28 and 29. However, the two sides have yet to confirm the meeting, and Trump warned that if the two sides cannot hold talks, they will immediately increase tariffs to China. The outside world is worried that the situation will further deteriorate.

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