Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet with US President Trump, the market will be cooled by China-US trade friction, and the Asia-Pacific stock market will rise sharply with US stocks. The Hang Seng Index closed at 28,202 points, up 703 points. The H-Share Index closed at 10,764 points, up 257 points. The turnover was 105.1 billion yuan.

The grain trader Rizhao Hong Kong (6117), which is listed today, has benefited from the “selling” of China and the United States and has risen to 4 yuan, which is 166.7% higher than the listed price of 1.5 yuan.

Haoyu burst 10.1%, ZTE rose 7.4%

Mobile phone and communication equipment stocks soared, Haoyu (2382) closed at 79.5 yuan, up 10.1%; Razer (1337) closed at 1.65 yuan, up 10%; BYD Electronics (0285) closed at 11.66 yuan, up 8.2%; 1478) closed at 6.08 yuan, up 7.4%; ZTE (0763) closed at 21.75 yuan, up 7.4%; Jingxin Communications (2342) closed at 1.73 yuan, up 5.5%; Ruisheng (2018) closed at 44.25 yuan, up 4.5%; Teng (6088) closed at 3.11 yuan, up 3.3%.

RMB appreciation Air China climbed 8.3%

The renminbi surged and Chinese aviation stocks exploded. Air China (0753) closed at 7.7 yuan, up 8.3%; China Eastern Airlines (0670) closed at 4.58 yuan, up 8%; China Southern Airlines (1055) closed at 5.29 yuan, up 5.8%.

Paper stocks also benefited from the appreciation of the renminbi. Sunshine Paper (2002) closed at 1.08 yuan, up 6.9%; Nine Dragons Paper (2689) closed at 6.58 yuan, up 6.8%; Lee & Man Paper (2314) closed at 5.41 yuan, up 4.8 %.

MGM rose 8.6% and Wynn also rose 6.3%

Gaming stocks rose today, MGM (2282) closed at 13.18 yuan, up 8.6%; Wynn (1128) closed at 16.96 yuan, up 6.3%; Xinyi (0200) closed at 16.14 yuan, up 5.4%; Jinsha (1928) It closed at 37.5 yuan, up 5%; GEG (0027) closed at 51.5 yuan, up 4.7%; SJM (0880) closed at 8.57 yuan, up 4.1%.

Wanzhou rose 5.3%, Shinco and Shenzhou rose more than 4%

In terms of other shares, Wanzhou (0288) closed at 7.97 yuan, up 5.3%; Tech (0669) closed at 59.35 yuan, up 4.8%; Shenzhou (2313) closed at 103.2 yuan, up 4.3%; AIA (1299) closed yuan, up 4.3%; CNOOC (0883) closed at 13.02 yuan, up nearly 4%; Tencent (0700) closed at 347.2 yuan, up nearly 4%; China Ping An (2318) closed at 91 yuan, up 3.6%; HKEx (0388) It closed at 277.8 yuan, up 2.5%; Changhe (0001) closed at 77 yuan, up 2.2%; HSBC (0005) closed at 65.15 yuan, up 1.7%.

China’s A-shares narrowed in the afternoon, the Shanghai Stock Exchange closed at 2,917 points, up 27 points; Shenzhen Stock Exchange closed at 8,925 points, up 121 points.

Japanese stocks closed at 21,333 points, up 361 points.

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